Religious Education

Religious Education (RE) forms a fundamental part of the education provided in all schools.

Noningto Church of England Primary school follow the Kent Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.

The legal requirements are that:

  1. Religious Education must be provided for all registered pupils in full time education except those withdrawn at their parents’ request (or their own request if aged 18 or over). (DfE Circular 1 / 94, paragraphs 44 & 49, and Non-Statutory Guidance 2010 page 28)
  1. The law relating to Religious Education for pupils who are not yet in key stage 1 is different from that relating to subjects of the National Curriculum. As Religious Education must be taught to ‘all registered pupils at the school’, it includes pupils in reception classes, but not those in nursery classes or play groups.
  1. By the same law, Religious Education must be provided for all students in school sixth forms (but not those in Sixth Form Colleges, which must provide Religious Education for all students wishing to receive it).


Further information on curriculum objectives and content can be found  here