Starting School

Pre-school work with the Foundation class is every Wednesday Afternoon starting in January. These sessions are available to children due to start school in September whether they attend playgroup or not.

Prior to your child starting school you will be invited to a meeting to explain our school and how you can help get you child ready for starting in September.

At this meeting you will be given the following:

An Admission Form – This is to be returned to school before your child starts school. In accordance with regulations, you are requested to submit the birth certificate for checking when the form is returned.
Pre-school Booklet – This booklet outlines ways in which you and your child can prepare for school.
An Emergency Form – To be completed and returned to school prior to admission. This form provides the school with an emergency address and telephone numbers, name of your family doctor and lists of any allergies or medical conditions the school needs to be aware of.
Home School Contract – To be signed by child, parent and school.
Please advise the school of any subsequent alteration to any of the information given on these forms as it is imperative that this record is accurate.

Secondary Transfer
The children leave our school when they are eleven. They move on to a variety of Secondary Schools in the Canterbury, Sandwich and Dover areas. Parents are invited to obtain appropriate details through discussion with the Headteacher and are encouraged to visit the local secondary schools on their appropriate open days.

Playgroup Liaison
We work closely with all feeder nurseries and pre schools. From January all prospective reception pupils can attend school every Wednesday afternoon to prepare them for entry into reception.