Mid-morning Snacks
In the interest of the children’s health and dental hygiene no sweets may be brought to school. Children are given fresh fruit during the mid-morning break. The infant children being given fruit which is provided by the Government and school buys fruit for the older children. Milk can be ordered for consumption at break time, this is free for four year olds. Please enquire at the office for more details.

Meals in School
Parents may choose from two alternatives if their child will be eating in school:

School lunch – please contact the school office for the current cost. It is possible, in certain circumstances, for children to have free school meals depending on income and expenses. Please contact the school office for an application form. Enquiries are treated in confidence.
Packed lunch from home – packed lunches must be brought in a sturdy container.
If providing a drink, please ensure that your child has a suitable container to drink from or a straw.

No glass bottles or canned drink should be brought.
Sweets and chocolate bars are not permitted in school and should not form part of a packed lunch.
Should you wish to change lunch arrangements please speak to the school office.