Times of School

The school gates open at 8.45am, children may enter school where they go straight to their class rooms where early work is set.  School staff will be on the playground if you have any questions about the day. The register is taken at 8.55am, please make sure that children are in school by this time, otherwise they may be marked as late. The school day is as follows.

8.55 a.m – 12 noon

Morning Break
10.30 a.m – 10.45 a.m


12.00pm – 1.00pm


1.00pm – 3.15pm

After school clubs 3.15pm – 4.15pm

Please see the newsletter for availability.

The time spent teaching in a normal school week, including Religious Education, but excluding breaks, registration and collective worship, is 22.5 hours per week for children in Class 1 (government minimum recommended is 21 hours per week) and 23.75 hours per week for children in Classes 2 and 3. (Government minimum recommended is 23.5 hours per week.)

The length of the school year is 190 days. The dates of the school holidays are notified separately in advance. There are, in addition,¬†five days when teachers are required to be working on educational initiatives and the children do not attend school. These days, once known as ‘Baker Days’ were taken from teachers’ holidays rather than from the children’s learning days.